Infographic: Year ends with a bang as data startups raised $1.7 billion funding in December

What an end to the year for big data startups! 92 data and analytics startups got funded in the month of December 2015, collectively raising a funding of more than $1.7 billion. Key investment trends for the month have been summarized below, along with the Infographic for the month and list of all data startups funded.

  1. 92 data, analytics and machine learning startups received funding in the month
  2. More than $1.7 billion were collectively raised by the startups
  3. Palantir took the lion’s share of the funding, raising $880 million in private equity investment
  4. Other major gainers included Kount ($80m) and Digital Guardian ($66m), both receiving seed funding
  5. 55 US based startups were funded, distantly followed by Singapore (8), India (4) and Israel (4)
  6. Two startups each from Belgium (2), Germany (2) and UK (2) were also funded
  7. One startup each from Australia, Argentina, Bulgaria, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Finland, Germany, Peru, Sweden and Taiwan also got funded
  8. Average Seed/ Venture funding received was relatively high at $7.2 million
  9. Marketing analytics startups attracted the most attention; 13 startups got funded
  10. Healthcare (8), Location (7), Customer (7), Operational (6) analytics segment startups received investor patronage
  11. New segments such as Sensor Data (4), Artificial Intelligence (4), Agriculture (4) and Recruitment (3) analytics startups also got funded
  12. Several new business models also received investment validation. This included EpiFinder (machine learning for epilepsy diagnosis), Neural Analytics (machine learning for traumatic brain injury diagnosis and management), NewForce (location data for emergency response app), Jukedeck (artificial intelligence music composer) and Factom (blockchain data management layer)


Infographic: Big Data, Analytics and Machine Learning Startups Funding in December 2015

Data, Analytics and Machine Learning Startups Funding in December 2015

Data, Analytics and Machine Learning Startups Funding in December 2015


List of Big Data, Analytics and Machine Learning Startups Funded in December 2015

StartupCountryBusiness AreaFunding - $ millionSeriesLeading Investors
PalantirUSData Analytics880PEBridgewater Associates, Tiger Global
KountUSFraud Analytics80SeedCVC Capital
Digital GuardianUSCybersecurity Analytics66SeedBrookline Venture Partners
WelltokUSHealthcare Analytics45Series DEDBI
FactualUSLocation Analytics35Series BAltpoint Ventures
Quicket SolutionsUSPolicing Analytics31SeedUndisclosed
PlatforaUSOperational Analytics30SeedHSBC, Harmony Partners
DuettoUSHospitality Analytics30Series CUndisclosed
JanrainUSCustomer Analytics27Series DHighBar Partners
MD RevolutionUSHealthcare Analytics23Series CJump Capital
DataScienceUSCustomer Analytics22Series AWhitehart Ventures
BlueCoreUSCustomer Analytics21Series BGeorgian Partners. FirstMark Capital
PhunwareUS Marketing Analytics19.3Series FUndisclosed
Blue River TechnologyUSAgriculture Analytics17Series BMonsanto Growth Ventures
PsiKick IncUSIoT systems16.5Series BOsage University Partners
RapidMinerUSPredictive Analytics (Open Source)16Series CUndisclosed
WorkFusionUSOperational Analytics14Series CNokia Growth Partners
AtheerUSMachine Learning (VR)14Series BSignatures Capital, Streamlined Ventures
Semantic MachinesUSDeep Learning12.3Series ABain Capital, General Catalyst
AginityUSOperational Analytics12SeedUndisclosed
OpsClarityUSApplication Analytics11Series ANEA
CloudynIsraelOperational Analytics (Cloud)11Series BCarmel Ventures
ThreatQUSCybersecurity Analytics10.2Series ABlu Ventures
Neural AnalyticsUSHealthcare Analytics10Series ATaiyu Capital, Tech Coast Angels
PatSnapSingaporeIP Analytics10Series BSummit Partners
Continuum AnalyticsUS Machine Learning (Open Source)10DebtSilicon Valley Bank
PramataUSCustomer Analytics10Series AVolition Capital
GNS HealthcareUSHealthcare Analytics10Series CAlexandria Real Estate Equities
Demiurge TechnologiesSwitzerlandMachine Learning (AI)9.5SeedHongdao Capital
Qingteng Cloud SecurityChinaCybersecurity Analytics9.3Series AChina Broadband Capital, Redpoint Ventures
NetsertiveUSMarketing Analytics9Series CRiver Cities Capital
NavVisGermanyLocation Analytics8.2Series BTarget Partners
TextioUSMachine Learning (Recruitment)8Series AEmergence Capital
MapAnythingUSLocation Analytics7.3Series AGreycroft Partners, Herbert Venture
LoopMeUKMachine Learning (Video Optimization)7Series AHolzbrinck Ventures, Open Ocean Capital
VMFiveTaiwanAdvertising Analytics6Series ACDIB, Cherubic Ventures
Bright FunnelUSMarketing Analytics6Series ACrosslink Capital
FarmobileUSAgriculture Analytics5.5Series AAnterra Capital
TinycluesFranceMarketing Analytics5.5Series AAlven Capital
LikelihoodUSMachine Learing (Imaging)5.5Series ANEA, Canaan Partners
DemoChimpUSMarketing Analytics5.3SeedAlbion Ventures, Peak Ventures
D SquareBelgiumData Analytics5Series BFortino Capital
PointGrabIsraelSensor Data Analytics5SeedABB Tech Ventures, EcoMachines Ventures
FeedvisorIsraelMachine Learning (Pricing)5Series BSquare Peg Capital
CellMiningIsraelOperational Analytics5Series ALazarus Israel Opportunities Fund
SeereneGermanyOperational Analytics5SeedEarlybird Venture Capital
Digital ReasoningUSMachine Learning (enterprise)5SeedUndisclosed
Full Circle InsightsUSMarketing Analytics4.7Series BAligned Partners
NowForceIsraelHealthcare Analytics4.5Series BVerint Systems
Ascend.ioUSEnterprise Analytics4SeedLSVP, Sequoia Capital
EnmotusUSData Storage3.7SeedExponential Partners
OsaroUSMachine Learning3.3SeedPeter Thiel
PicwellUSHealthcare Analytics3Series AUndisclosed
AnodotIsraelMachine Learning (Bug Detection)3Series ADisrupt-ive Fund
WHOOPUSSports Analytics3Series AInfosys
JukedeckUKMachine Learning (Music)3SeedPlayfair Capital
Riptide IOUS IoT Analytics3Series AUndisclosed
TravoUSTravel Analytics2.4SeedGreat Oaks Ventures
8vanceUSRecruitment Analytics2Series AUndisclosed
Mobiquity TechnologiesUSLocation Analytics2SeedUndisclosed
Thrive BioscienceUSHealthcare Analytics2DebtUndisclosed
REScourUSReal Estate Analytics1.5SeedSocial+Capital Partnership
Zero LatencyAustraliaMachine Learning (VR)1.5SeedCarthona Capital
FamaUSRecruitment Analytics1.5SeedDouble M Partners, Wavemaker Partners
FactomUSBitcoin Analytics1.5SeedUndisclosed
RhizaUSMarketing Analytics1.5Series AUndisclosed
MetricStoryUSMarketing Analytics1.4SeedElementum Ventures
RippleshotUSFraud Analytics1.2Series AKGC Capital
Solap4ArgentinaAgriculture Analytics1.2SeedBioGenerators
OnovativeUSMarketing Analytics1.2Series ABluegrass Angels
RDV SystemsIsraelData Visualization1Series BGlodon Software
EmaticSingaporeMarketing Analytics1Seed500 Startups
Arya.aiIndiaMachine Learning0.75Series AYourNest, Venture Nursery
Motion AIUSArtificial Intelligence0.7SeedUndisclosed
ValossaFinland Machine Learning (Video Search)0.65SeedButterfly Ventures
CryptoMoveUSCybersecurity Analytics0.62SeedUndisclosed
PropheseeIndiaMarketing Analytics0.5SeedIAN, SA&E India
WigzoSingaporeMarketing Analytics0.5SeedAarin Capital
EpiFinderUSHealthcare Analytics0.425SeedMagniPro Ventures
SpartaSwedenMarketing Analytics0.4SeedAlmi Invest
Quantico TrendsPeruSocial Media Analytics0.4SeedUndisclosed
BaremetricsUSCustomer Analytics0.3SeedBessemer Ventures, General Catalyst
Proximo.ioFinland Location Analytics0.3SeedFinnish Business Angels Network
LeantegraUSLocation Analytics0.132SeedUndisclosed
UXProbeBelgiumMobile Analytics0.1SeedUndisclosed
MetriloBulgariaCustomer Analytics0.325SeedEleven
SnapDataUSSensor Data Analytics0.015SeedDao Ventures
ZenatixIndiaEnergy Analyticsn/aSeries ABlume Ventures
PhytechIsraelAgriculture Analyticsn/aSeries ASyngenta Ventures, Mitsui
GetFocusIndiaLocation Analyticsn/aSeedUndisclosed
PerxSingaporeCustomer Analyticsn/aSeries AGolden Gate Ventures
SemantileCanadaMachine Learning (Search)n/aSeedUndisclosed


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